Merger integration due diligence


Let´s make merger integration work!

We introduce merger integration due diligence as a new type of due diligence. Merger integration due diligence has the goal to review the merger integration project and plans. The objective is to maximize likelihood of integration success.


The task of merger integration due diligence

Let us have a look what is inside of the merger integration due diligence task.

It contains of three subtasks,

The first task serves the correctness and completeness of the design of the new entity resulting from the merger integration.

The second task reviews the merger integration plans. A merger integration plan is basically a list of tasks covering all merger integration tasks. Often the merger integration tasks are grouped by corporate functions like accounting, controling, human resources, development and support.

The third task is to review the merger integration project. One view is the project plan which contains all merger integration tasks, the other view is the project organization.

Merger integration due diligence is carried out during the due diligence phase. To make sure you are successful, you should run another iteration of the subtasks post close. This will allow you to refine the design of the new entity, the merger integration plans and the merger integration project.

The whole story can be found in the book.

Please find more information on merger integration here:

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