"Great book with very practical advice that can be applied to many M&A activities."

Bill Andrews

"Karl Michael's practical, compelling, and comprehensive approach to due diligence is a must-read for software deal-makers, both buyers and sellers. Highly recommended."

Ari Salonen, Midaxo

„Crafting a worthwhile exit for the companies shareholders is the key to successful Fund Management.  Karl‘s book gives us the insights how especially software M&A transaction are analysed and accomplished in one of the largest software  vendor. His insights in the strategic contribution of software as the core element of the business model and how to evaluate and methodologically analyse this through the due diligence process is unique and very valuable.“

Adriaan Ligtenberg

Adriaan Ligtenberg is a serial entrepreneur, private equity investor and business angel living in Europe (Amsterdam), Silicon Valley (Stanford) and Asia (Tokyo). Adriaan has created, invested, merged and sold a number of software companies. His recent projects includes ICE House, a Mobile Apps developer (spin-out of Yahoo Indonesia), an LTE semi-conductor company, PrivateSky cloud services and the First Bank of Rock just to name a few.


"The most active and successful technology M&A acquirers pursue extensive due diligence to assess the potential risks of a particular acquisition. This includes a detailed review of a potential target's products and underlying technology, customer/partner opportunities, contracts & obligations, assessment of the target's employees, and a detailed review of a Company's business model & financial position, among other areas. Many acquirers will have very large teams and a highly structured way to go about this process, which (along with the large volumes of information that is typically requested) creates a very demanding and time consuming process for a potential seller. So potential targets need to prepare for this process well in advance of receiving an LOI by gathering the key due diligence information and populating a data room that an acquirer can look at on"Day 1" of the diligence process. Advance preparation can streamline the due diligence process and sends a strong signal to the acquirer that the target is serious about getting a transaction done. "

Scott Card

 Scott Card is a partner in the Investment Banking group at AGC Partners, focused on enterprise infrastructure, including storage, cloud/virtualization, big data, and security. In his 18+ years as an investment banker, Scott has completed more than 50 mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and equity/debt financing transactions. Prior to joining AGC Partners, Scott was part of Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown's Technology Investment Banking Group in Boston, Associate in Mergers & Acquisitions at SBC Warburg and an Analyst in the Financial Institutions Group at Merrill Lynch & Co.


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Title: Mergers and Acquisitions in the software industry - Foundations of due diligence


ISBN: 3732243818

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published: