Events and presentations for mergers and acquisitions in the software industry


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Presentations and Panels

April 2015

Panel discussion on "Cross-border transactions from a European perspective" at European Corporate M&A Conference April 16 2015, Frankfurt

March 2015

"what frequent acquirers expect from software vendors", Software industry conference, Bussum

What frequent acquirers expect from software vendors from Dr. Karl-Michael Popp


January 2014

23.1.: Acquisitions in the software industry. Presentation at Technical University of Darmstadt.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the software industry - deutscher Vortrag from Karl Popp

March 2014

27.3.: 6th Merger Integration Management Forum: Presentation "MANAGING MULTIPLE MERGERS AT A TIME - INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESS"

Managing multiple mergers at a time - ingredients for success from Karl Popp

June 2014

3.6.: World Financial Symposium: Panel on M&A in software: requirements of large acquirers, London.

Acquisition of small targets by large software vendors from Karl Popp

July 2014

3.7.: Rules of success of a serial acquirer.Presentation at  FINANCE M&A Roundtable, Frankfurt.

Rules of success of a serial acquirer from Karl Popp

4.7.: Workshop "New and disruptive business models in software" at Munich Network

September 2014

24.9.: Remarks on merger integration of US targets with EU software companies, Megabuyte Forum Reaching across the Atlantic: Opportunities and challenges in North America, London.

Merger integration of US tech targets with EU companies from Karl Popp

November 2014

19.11.: 11. Finance Day: Post Merger Integration - what makes an integration successful? NĂ¼rtingen.

21.11.2014: Acquiring companies in a digitalized world. Munich.
Acquiring companies in a digitalized world from Karl Popp


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